Helen McCook

'Stag & Squirrel’ Jacobean Crewel work panel


‘Stag & Squirrel’ Jacobean Crewel Work embroidery kit.

Product Dimensions: (finished product, fabric, dimensions, pattern size): linen twill 14 x 14 inch approx.

Product contents: 

  • X17 skeins crewel wool.                          
  • X1 piece linen twill (14 x 14 inch).              
  • X2 chenille needles (size 24).                      
  • X1 set of instructions.               

Promotional Text:
The fabric and threads used in this kit are British in origin and are heritage standard. They are made in the same way as they have been for decades and will create lovely legacy pieces that you will hand down the generations.

Features and Benefits:
(Specific fabric, any extra information that makes your product the best – they type of pattern etc): The kit has full directions and diagrams including step by step images.

Health and Safety Notices: This kit includes sharp needles and a plastic bag. 

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