Helen McCook

‘Poppy’ silk shading, surface stitching and gold work embroidery kit


Product Dimensions:
Design size is 10.5cm x 8cm approx.

Product contents:

  • X 1 piece of calico
  • X 1 piece of brown fabric (printed with design)        
  • X 1 soft string
  • X 1 yellow felt
  • X 1 gold passing/Japanese thread
  • X 1 gold smooth purl
  • X 1 gold bright check
  • X 1 golden pearl purl
  • X 1 yellow machine thread
  • X 1 beeswax
  • X 2 needles (1 embroidery + 1 tapestry).       
  • X 7 skeins of stranded cotton
  • X 1 short length of buttonhole thread
  • X 1 gold rococo thread                     
  • X 1 set of instructions.                 

Promotional Text:
The kit has full directions, diagrams & images.

Features and Benefits:  
Helen uses the highest quality fabrics and threads which are appropriate for the techniques being taught. The design is pre printed onto the fabric. 

Health and Safety Notices: 
This kit includes sharp needles, plastic bags which would be easily swallowed. 

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