Director | Designer | Lead tutor

Helen McCook

Helen McCook is an artisan hand embroiderer, designer, teacher, published author and historian specialising in all aspects of traditional and contemporary hand embroidery and embellishment.

Highly trained and with a wealth of knowledge and experience, she ensures that every commission and task is completed to the highest possible standard.

Helen's clients can be assured that her unique skill set combined
with discretion, efficiency and commitment, leads to smoothly run projects yielding the highest possible level of results, within pre-arranged time and financial boundaries.

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Kit Maker & Head of Finance

Carol McCook

Carol McCook built a career around her organisational skills and her ability to apply logical thinking to most situations. As such, her help is absolutely invaluable in a number of areas of the school. She also has a keen eye for colour matching, having been introduced to colour blending by her father who was trained in art at Edinburgh Art School. Her influence and assistance is felt keenly and much appreciated.

Kit Maker & Delivery Assistant:

Richard Busby

Richard Busby can turn his hand to most things and is always happy to help get projects finished and sent to the right place at the right time. He also helps with social media and day to day tech support. His support and understanding enables Helen to live the often nomadic life that she does whilst maintaining a happy home life.

Chief wellness officer


Charlie is a very calm wee chap and a great listener. He has a fondness for anything that sparkles and is rather disdainful of man made fabrics. Everyone who meets him can’t help but fall for his charm or note his often rather sonorous snoring habit!